To ensure lasting joy and a lot of Californian Happiness, here are some tips on how to stay happy with your jewelry from Caliness:

  1. Please always apply perfumes, lotion, hairspray etc. first and wait a few minutes before putting on your jewelry.
  2. Please avoid salt water, chemicals and other irritating substances as the material of your piece of jewelry may change its color when getting into direct contact.
  3. Please take off your jewelry before taking a bath, showering and working out, because this could harm the alloy. I also recommend to always keep your jewelry in the provided jewelry box.
  1. The material (especially gold-plated items) could change its color or the alloy could be harmed faster by the pH-value of your skin. This varies from customer to customer and is no reason for complaint.


All our pieces of jewelry are handmade with a lot of love and dedication.

As the used material is partly made of natural products, the color, form etc. may vary slightly from item to item. 

All necklace clasps and chains are made of 14kt gold filled and are allergy friendly.

The clasps and chains used for our bracelets are also made of 14kt gold filles. Gold filled is a genuine 14 karat gold coating on a brass core.

    • The genuine gold is 14 karat and consists of at least 1/20, thus 5% of the gross weight.
    • This gold plating is 100x thicker than a simple plating.
    • This is the reason why gold filled is extremely robust, virtually abrasion-free and can, just like solid gold, be worn for years to come.  

Our earrings are made of either of 14kt gold filled or 304 stainless steel. Please read the respective product description for more information about the used material.

High quality is crucial to us. However, if you should still have a reason for complaint or repair, please contact us anytime and we will be happy to assist you.

XOXO ;-)

Svany| founder of caliness